The Troll Hunters by Daniel Rehm


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A mind-bending thriller where the hunt for justice is both physical and supernatural

The Troll Hunters

Begins with the Hunter of Men not being accepted into the collective minds of heaven or hell. Instead, he is banished to an in-between place—a wraith that is walking. A god which is not their, Baron Samedi, tends to make an irresistible provide toward Hunter:

“i will allow you to be a god over any guy alive* that is.”( The trade-off is that he must obtain souls for Samedi’s third collective mind, another new collective mind like that of heaven or hell, but under Baron Samedi’s control that is complete. The Hunter agrees to Samedi’s provide with mutiny in his mind’s eye and it is unleashed in to the globe utilizing computer systems and energy that is electric his conduit.As the Hunter of Men hunts for souls, there are men hunting for trolls—internet trolls. Daniel Navarro and Tyler Hansen, two highly skilled computer programmers, became unlikely friends at their Catholic school that is high. Danny ended up being frequently selected in by their colleagues, plus one it led to him becoming paralyzed day. Tyler’s dad was an alcoholic that is abusive their mom ended up being an addict, and both passed away once Tyler achieved adulthood. Two broken men that are young on each other and embrace their business idea of hunting down internet trolls to serve justice.

A significant part of the story also revolves around the right-wing presidential candidate, Francis Ulysses Trust, a billionaire that is self-made. The actual quantity of personal discourse that Rehm has the capacity to pepper surrounding this imaginary personality assists ground the storyline by giving a lens that is third.

“the knoll that is grassy the moon landings, crashed traveling saucers, & most recently, taken elections. The Main dish for a theory that is solid the ever-looming question of authenticity.”The Troll Hunters is rooted in society through the powers of the paranormal, keyboard warriors, and scandal that is political. The knowledge of our reality that is own allows reader to become more emotionally invested during the more fantastical parts of the story.There Are some right components of the storyline that need deeper awareness of the narrative. Rehm sometimes makes use of some flowery language which makes the whole story a bit harder to follow. The beginning of the written guide feels unclear and cryptic, but when you adapt to the actual quantity of metaphors becoming used, it becomes a great look over.

The Troll Hunters includes the effectiveness of the supernatural therefore the power-hungry landscape that is political of into a thought-provoking reflection of today’s society. It is easy to relate to the characters and their problems based on what we all see and interact with on a basis that is daily regardless of if the issues tend to be metaphysical.Thank you for reading Chelsey Tucker’s guide review.

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